Thought of the Day #1

brand-consistency-on-the-webWhy is it that people are so quick to react to and admire change, but consistency gets overlooked? Why do people not realize that without consistency, change would never exist. Change is a result of consistency. Why not congratulate and support the obese female throughout her weight loss journey instead of just liking her instagram comparison photo at the end? Why do we overlook the children who constantly strive to do well and get A’s in school and give awards to kids who got a C this year instead of an F? Why do we congratulate those who have overcome substance abuse but ignore those who have never had a drink or taken in a pill in their entire life. My thought of the day is that everyone deserves to be recognized for what they’re doing, even if no change is evident. We’re all on the same journey, struggling at times and doing our best to stay afloat. Instead of comparing before and after photos, appreciate the present and who you are today. If you’ve changed in anyway, everyone else’s approval and acknoledgement isnt important. Set goals. If you have met your goal, clap for your damn self. In the end when you’re alone, your opinion is the only one that matters. Its the only opinion that ever has mattered.


When you ACTUALLY Get a Full Nights Sleep..

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Its amazing sometimes what the human body can do even if it was only given a few hours of sleep the night before. Sleep is SO important. I feel like in todays society with everyones busy lives and schedules, it can be so easy to forget this. I just know because I can definitely tell the difference while im working during the day. If I work at 5AM on a Saturday morning, im usually getting to bed at like 12AM because I went out with friends. 5 hours is not enough! But its the only way to swing my demanding job and my social life and still manage to get some sleep. The reason im rambling on about sleep is because last night i went to bed at 9:30 and just woke up now and its almost 9:30. 12 hours is insane, and just goes to show you that my body was so overtired. Im ready to head out for my busy day with work and a Biology Final, and hopefully get a decent amount of sleep tonight!

Before Big Sis Ties the Knot


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The wedding date was set a year ago, and suddenly its May 3rd. 3 days until the wedding?! The emotions and stress are high. Am i stressed? Or is my mother just stressing me out? Or is it just a combination of the two? My sister has been dating the same guy for a little over 7 years. They have been through hell and back through financial and emotional struggles. I am so proud of her. When she asked me to be her Maid of Honor I became so excited. I would be able to be her backbone for the big day and buy a great dress and write a funny speech to share with the family. As I sat down to write my speech, the reality set in. My big sister is all grown up. Gone are the days when she was just 50 ft. away from me on the other side of the room. Gone are the days when we would read fashion magazines and imagine up our dream weddings. 3 days from now her new life is just beginning, and our past is just stored away into so many great memories. How can one girl cram 19 years of emotion and love into one short MOH wedding toast… It is a challenge, but it will be done! Big Sis has grown up into a beautiful and hard working woman and I wish her the best. I hope that my kind words on Friday Night will stay with her always. XoXo

Giving to the Homeless? The Only Cause You are Supporting is Addiction



Nashua NH

ATTENTION This woman, her boyfriend and like 6 others, work together on shifts in front of the pheasant lane mall entrances. After they switch off they come in to my store and count their money and ask customers at the pumps for money as well. I have been talking about this forever. They come into my work everyday and buy cigarettes and beer and they brag to me about how much money they make standing out there everyday! They throw their used needles in my trashcan and the bottoms of natty daddy cans they use as burners as well. Please, PLEASE do not give money to these SO CALLED homeless people. You are wasting your money, and holding up traffic. These people are criminals. Don’t buy in to their addiction! And please spread the word and share! P.S. I DO NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF THIS PHOTO. I saw this picture on social media and wanted to share my personal experiences with this woman and her group. (Photo taken on Exit 7 in Nashua)

My Experience meeting Ari Haseotes, CEO of Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms

Interview the CEO Contest Winner


On April 27th I had the pleasure of heading down to the Business Support Center to spend the day with Ari Haseotes and his staff. This was all made possible because of an awesome contest that was created for all team members by Leanne, the Employee Communications Manager. When I had first heard about the “Interview the CEO” contest I was uncertain as to whether or not I would like to sign up. However, after some consideration and some reassurance from my manager and my mom, I submitted an entry form. I filled out the form quickly, and I did my usual, telling myself I never win anything, so that I shouldn’t get my hopes up. A few months later I got a phone call while I was at work, and the woman on the other end of the phone said, “Emily Rose LaFave”? At first I thought it was my mother calling, because she is the only person on this planet who ever calls me by my full name, so I instantly began to wonder what I had done wrong. As it turns out, I had won the Interview the CEO contest. I was ecstatic! Not only did I actually win a contest for the first time in forever, but I was being given the opportunity to get a look at the behind the scenes operations of Cumberland Farms. I was interested in meeting the successful business man who had been running the wonderful company I’ve had the privilege of working at for the last year and a half. I was interested in meeting the face behind the kind words and the motivational voicemails. I will be the first to tell all of you, that this is indeed not an act! I’ve worked for enough companies to see managers of all types. The norm for most leaders nowadays is to just put forth a set of instructions, and to tell employees to follow them. However, what does this create? Here at Cumberland Farms, there is a staff full of well-rounded, highly educated, and personable individuals working at the BSC, who do everything in their power to create the best place to work and shop EVERYDAY. I have seen firsthand, a man being pulled in every direction on a simple Wednesday afternoon, while keeping full composure, attending every meeting, answering every phone call, and still managing to keep me engaged and feeling welcomed as a guest. This is what I call a leader!

Between touring the BSC, attending a staff meeting, touring the Westboro Distribution Center, and trying to stump Ari with some tough questions in an interview, I had an excellent time. The day proved to be a remarkable experience for me like I had expected. I left with an even greater appreciation of this company. After spending so much time here, I’m proud to be able to call this my second home. I learned many things while I was there, and was even able to help out a little throughout the day, by sharing some of my experiences with the staff. One thing that Ari made clear to me, that I would like to convey to every single team member, is that this operation would not be successful without each and every one of us who work here! There may be times when you might feel like what you do doesn’t hold much value, or that you wish that you could receive more recognition for the hard work you do. I know this because I’ve been there. Just know that Ari appreciates your hard work and dedication, along with the rest of the staff at the BSC, myself, and most importantly, the customers. Without people like you and your ideas, none of the growth or success that exists within this company today would be possible. The business is constantly growing and evolving due to enacted changes and updates that were inspired by your feedback. Most importantly, during my visit at the BSC I learned that when Ari ends his messages with “I am here for you”, he absolutely means it!